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Hi everybody,
On this page I will tell you a little about myself and this photo project.
I was born in Russian city of  Bryansk. My childhood was filled with a thirst for art – all different kinds of art. My parents played a very important role in shaping this need in me. Our house was full of books about drawing, painting, fine arts, and crafts, about history of art and culture, also there were a lot of musical records. So I had the access to examples of world culture and it formed the desire to express my ideas and feelings through art by myself. That's why I entered the music school, began to attend classes of Russian folk-dances and then entered the drawing school.
But at the same time I was always interested in mathematics and languages. That's why my life changed its direction to the way that was very far from art.

And I must say that I succeeded in this field: I received PhD in economics, worked in big Russian and multinational companies. But even my life received such not romantic turn I didn’t stop to develop in the art field.

In summer 2003 I’ve bought my first camera. It was Olympus C350. And it was very simple - 3.0 mega pixel digital camera. But it was good for beginning! Initially I saw camera as instrument with the help of which I could stop the moment in order to use it later in painting. But later the process by itself fascinated me so much that I began to see photography not as instrument of making sketches but like instrument of making completed peaces of art. And my second camera Olympus C8080 helped this much. Even it still wasn’t professional it gave ma a chance to make pretty good pictures.

Big role in my art career played Victor Lazorev – director of central exhibition hall in Bryansk, member of Russian Photo Union.  During photo plain-airs organized by him I had a chance to see the most beautiful places of Bryansk regions and that’s how I made my “Russian album”. Also through this connection, I organized my first personal exhibitions. Also I want to say thanks to Vladimir Bezgreshniy, Alexander Poddubniy, Igor Kozhukhov, Galina Semenova, Vladimir Burdin and my other friends photographers and artists who always supported me in my art steps and who helped me understand the role of photography and my role as photographer.
In 2005 I was lucky to go to US for studies. And since then wind of travels carried away me irreversibly. After coming back to Russia and defending my dissertation I started to search new job which would give me financial basis for new traveling and purchasing new professional equipment.  Fortunately I succeeded in this and I was lucky to buy professional Canon optics and visit countries which I could only dream about in my childhood. That’s how I made my “Travel notes” album.
Having professional equipment I began to make portfolios, wedding portfolios, love stories. Some of this art works you can find in album “Portfolios”.
At this moment photography is integral part of my life, continuous pursuit of answers and perfection, instrument of exploring the world and way of opening thoughts and feelings. And as my main mission in photography I see:  to open humane side in human beings, to look into world’s eyes, smile and give hope.
How good am I in this it’s up to you to decide. Wish you enjoy the gallery and see you.



P.S. If you want to discuss perspectives of COOPERATION (publishing of my art works, creation of portfolio, wedding portfolio, love-story in Moscow, Bryansk or other towns of Russia or abroad) feel free to contact me via e-mail also we can arrange a meeting in your convenience to discuss details.


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